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Koa Wood Gift Ideas for that Special Fifth Year Anniversary

Looking for the perfect fifth year wedding anniversary gift? Perhaps you’re about to reach your fifth year anniversary or maybe you have friends celebrating theirs. Fulfilling traditional ideals and finding the right gift can be difficult. After all, you want to find something nice, relevant, and with deep meaning. 

Wood Represents Strength

The traditional five-year anniversary gift is wood, it represents strength and stability...and no other wood can symbolize strength like Hawaiian Koa wood. Koa means “warrior.” It is a hard wood and the ancient Hawaiian warriors depended on Koa wood to make canoes, melee and leiomano weapons. Nothing comes close to exemplifying solidity and strength like Koa wood.

Koa Was Once Only Reserved for the Monarchs

Koa is packed with such attributes as luxury, beauty and cultural value.  For starters, Koa is arguably the most expensive wood in the world. This is in part because Koa only grows in Hawaii. Koa prefers a very specific climate, elevation, and moisture level that is unique to certain regions of the Hawaiian Islands. And for that reason alone, receiving a Koa gift is special.

Koa is Unique and Like No Other

A Koa tree's lifespan can extend approximately 80 to over 100 years. Therefore a Koa gift has been long in the making and because of that, it has unique properties. These old growth trees are known for producing highly figured grains often referred to as curls or tiger stripes. These qualities bring about a unique and favorable reflection called chatoancy (a term usually reserved for gems that describe their reflective quality). The pinnacle of wood gift giving is giving a Hawaiian art piece made of Koa wood.

Here are five of my favorite Koa wood gift options for that special 5-year anniversary celebration:

1. Hawaiian Koa Ring

Koa Wood Ring

2. Hawaiian Koa BowlKoa Wood Bowl

3. Hawaiian Koa Watch

Koa Wood Watch

4. Hawaiian Koa Bracelet

Koa Wood Bracelet

5. Hawaiian Koa Pen

Koa Wood Pen

    Growing Hawaiian Koa trees require particular conditions and much patience. And given its durability, strength and luxurious qualities it makes the perfect fifth year anniversary gift. It’s uniqueness and special qualities are unmatched. Nothing symbolizes the strength of a marriage like Koa.

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