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Hawaiian Koa Wood Ukulele - Concert

Honu Ukuleles

Product image 1Hawaiian Koa Wood Ukulele - Concert
Product image 2Hawaiian Koa Wood Ukulele - Concert
Product image 3Hawaiian Koa Wood Ukulele - Concert
Product image 4Hawaiian Koa Wood Ukulele - Concert
Product image 5Hawaiian Koa Wood Ukulele - Concert
Product image 6Hawaiian Koa Wood Ukulele - Concert
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Product image 8Hawaiian Koa Wood Ukulele - Concert

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Handmade Hawaiian Koa Wood Ukulele - Concert with Fishman EQ and Tuner

This Hawaiian Koa wood 'ukulele is handmade using Koa wood harvested from the KoaWood Ranch Koa conservation program. The finest old-growth Hawaiian Koa wood matched with quality hardware, such as Grover tuners, Aquila strings, and Fishman electronics, were used to create this Honu Ukulele. The result is a unique instrument perfectly balanced for both aesthetic look and a beautiful sound. The quality and craftsmanship are in a class of their own.

  • Measures approximately 23" long
  • Resin inlay
  • Made of solid Hawaiian Koa wood
  • Mahogany neck
  • Rubbed gloss lacquer finish
  • This 'ukulele comes with a black padded Hola carrying case

With many years of woodworking experience, artist Mike Antici has painstakingly crafted this solid Koa wood one-of-a-kind piece. He uses exclusive forms to create classic 'ukulele shapes that give the instrument its unique style and sound. Each 'ukulele is hand bent with a bending form, a heating blanket, and a custom wood-softening formula combined with a forming technique that makes the wood soft enough to bend, yet firm enough to hold its shape without warping or twisting in the forms. Mike uses Mahogany for the neck because of its strength and weight ratio. The body is constructed of solid wood. Spruce was used for the soundboard bracing and linings inside. The artist's obsessive attention to detail gives this Honu Ukulele a level of quality like no other.

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