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Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowl #851 - Large

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Product image 1Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowl #851 - Large
Product image 2Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowl #851 - Large
Product image 3Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowl #851 - Large
Product image 4Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowl #851 - Large
Product image 5Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowl #851 - Large
Product image 6Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowl #851 - Large
Product image 7Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowl #851 - Large
Product image 8Hawaiian Koa Wood Bowl #851 - Large

Regular price $689.00

Hawaiian Koa Wood Hand-Turned Bowl 

Experience the essence of the Koa tree with our traditional shaped Hawaiian Koa Wood bowl #851. With its soft curves and deep brown tones, this bowl is a true representation of the beauty and character of the Koa tree. The skilled artist has added 9 inlay bowties, enhancing the stability and charm of the wood. The natural tones and deep colors of the wood grain are highlighted by the presence of a side branch intrusion and exposed bark. Each bowl is handmade, branded, and numbered, making it a unique and cherished heirloom. Rest assured, the wood used in this bowl is ethically harvested from dead or fallen trees at KoaWood Ranch.

Dimensions: 10 1/2" Wide X 3 1/2" Height, 1/4" Approx. Wall Thickness


Local Big Island artist Erick Loos painstakingly turned this wood bowl from wood that was sustainably harvest at the KoaWood Ranch. The piece is finished with Danish oil and beeswax.

All wood used comes from trees at the end of their lifecycle or that have fallen during storms. We never use wood from living trees. 

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