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Koa Wood Decor and Furnishings

Hawaiian Koa Wood Decor and Furnishings

KoaWood Ranch is located on a historical site that used to belong to King Kamehameha the Great. Under his rule, Koa wood ownership was considered "kapu" or restricted only to Hawaiian monarchs and the royal class. It is considered an honor and privilege to own a Koa wood heirloom. With the purchase of your handmade Hawaiian art piece from KoaWood Ranch, you are buying a part of history, and own a work of tropical decor from what was once the King's personal Koa wood forest. 

Proceeds from KoaWood Ranch sales help support the ranch's tree planting and conservation efforts. As a result, the whole world benefits and breaths a little easier. In addition, our Koa wood decor and furnishings products are painstakingly hand made in Hawaii and helps support local artists and the economic base of the local Hawaiian community.

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